~ by Chris #16 Demaras ~

It’s been a couple years since I brought my SVX out to a car show. It was probably Toronto Subaru Club’s 2019 Hyper Meet. That was a good day for the me and Daniel…and a pic of the SVX even made it to a DRIVING.CA article. Cool!

Since that last show, the SVX has undergone major improvements. Fresh paint on the scratched up hood improved the looks. But the big change was thanks to NV Auto’s custom AirLift installation. Oh yeah…and they moved that ugly license plate under the bumper.

My GMC monster truck is my daily driver, but I put it on the street to take the SVX out last night. There isn’t going to be a TSC Hyper Meet this year, but every Wednesday at the RONA at Midland Ave & McNicoll Ave in Scarborough there’s a late evening Toronto Subaru Club meet up.

It wasn’t quite what I expected. The parking lot was really dark, and the overhead lights where the Subarus were parked, was burned out. When I parked the car and aired-out of the suspension, I heard someone say “…whoa, a bagged SVX…” and I couldn’t hide my smile.

Pictures came out like crap, and I had to use my flashlight just to get a good look at custom powder-coated BBS wheels and insane splitters. But I met some cool people, and got a chance to see what the late-night Toronto car scene looks like in 2021.

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