Returning from Leamington last weekend, there was some work to do on the No. 412 New Speed Motorsports kart. Chris fiberglassed the holes in the OTK seat, and Glenn repaired the damaged stud in the rear right hub. NSM’s Cale Mead got the kart ready for the track…quickly.

With Heli-Coil inserted into the Uniqua’s cylinder head, and the exhaust header bolted back on, back to back engine testing was undertaken. The World Rally Blue motor was so quick, she was renamed Impreza, using a badge from Daniel’s bugeye WRX.

Out on track, Daniel felt quick. The higher gear ratio was proving excellent acceleration out of the corners, and as the track conditions improved, his lap times dropped.

As Xavier and Cayden stood on the flag-stand, their locks flowing in the breeze, Demaras wrapped up an excellent Friday practice day, and felt confident heading into the race weekend.

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