It was all smiles under the NSM tent. Rocco explored the garage while Daniel got in a quick workout. But all the jokes stopped when the weather turned nasty.

D’Arrigo took control of the situation and changed the kart to ‘monsoon’ set-up.

Demaras qualified P2 and despite losing positions when the green flag dropped in the Pre-Final, he recovered to the same starting spot for the Final. The track was soaked, but the rain had stopped as the Briggs Masters drivers waited on the grid.

The final was…heartbreaking. Demaras worked so hard in treacherous conditions to take the lead with a pass on Conte. But less than a lap later, race officials showed the ‘black flag / orange disc’ to Daniel as his rear bumper had become detached on the engine side. The dreaded ‘meatball flag‘ means the racer must return to the pits due to serious mechanical problem or loose bodywork that creates a danger to other competitors. Game over.

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