When the gates opened at 7:00 am, not many drivers had arrived for what would be 12+ hours of racing, but there were some die-hards in the stands. A larger number of teams were expected to arrive on Friday, making track time valuable.

Briggs Senior and Briggs Masters were combined for practice and were the first group of the day. Daniel got to share the track with old friends. Jayden Elphage, Kevin May, Chad Webster and Zach Boam.

Practice sessions continued every hour on the hour, with a brief delay due to a Red Flag in session four. The New Speed Motorsports team of Cale, Glenn and Leonard tried clutch and chassis changes throughout the day, zeroing in on race setup after lunch.

But as the end of the day approached, Cale Mead couldn’t stand by any longer, and donned his racers suit and helmet for a few laps in a VLR Master’s kart.

Ten practice sessions over two days and Daniel Demaras is ready to race the No. 412 New Speed Motorsports kart to glory at the KartStars Nationals this weekend!

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