Sunday! Sunday! Sunday at Nationals!

The KartStars Canada National Championships concluded on Sunday after 4 days of on-track action. With most of the Briggs class champions crowned the day before, the ROK racers prepared for their Finals. Controversies from Saturday were put on the back-burner as Dan DiLeo conducted the final drivers’ meeting.

Demaras was entered in the KartStars Senior race, which pits the best of the Masters and Seniors together at a ‘catchweight’ of 360 lbs. Despite running the class at Masters weight, Daniel was competitive in morning warm-up with a P7 time.

Throughout the heat races and the pre-final, Demaras held his own against some of the best racers in the country. Pure speed may help in qualifying, but when it’s elbows out on the first sequence of corners, you’d better be ready to battle in Briggs.

In the Final, Demaras started well up the field, thanks to standout performances in the previous sessions.

But race officials can’t possibly see every transgression, and Daniel was punted off track by a National Champion at Turn 2, who escaped penalty. Through the grass, Daniel kept the throttle pinned, and rejoined the circuit at Turn 3, losing several positions. With the entire NSM team on the pit wall willing him on, Demaras fought hard for a Top-10 finish.

Daniel could finally relax for the first time in days.

His races were all wrapped up, and it was time to watch Rocco compete in Briggs Cadet. A tough weekend for young Simone as a mechanical issue in the pre-final saw him drop from his starting spot of P2 all the way to last as the motor died before the green flag. But he moved up from P20 to P9 in the Pre-Final, and up to P4 in the Final. There is no quit in that kid.

NSM teammate in VLR Masters Cayden Goodridge fought mechanical gremlins and tough competitors to finish third on the podium behind Joe Crupi and speedy Paul Rhodes.

After the podiums and good-byes, Daniel and Chris Demaras left Shannonville with a new appreciation for how tough the Bear Hunt really is.

Tired, hungry and a little sun-burned, they decided to get off the 401 before the 50km long traffic jam, to make one last stop. No trip to ‘The Birthplace of Champions’ is complete without a visit to The Big Apple.

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