Michelle provided a finishing touch on her brother Daniel’s WRX. On a trip to Canadian Tire she spotted a pair of fuzzy dice, and knew that no performance car is complete without this piece of retro hot-rod symbolism. While driving to work, Daniel keeps the dice in the in the glovebox. But once the work day is over, he opens the cutout on the VAREX exhaust to hear the subie rumble, and hangs the dice in the mirror.

What’s with this ‘dice in the mirror’ thing anyhow? In World War II, fighter pilots would put a pair of dice on their instrument panel, showing a rolled seven, for good luck. After WWII, the golden age of hot-rodding began, as returning veterans used the mechanical skills they acquired in service to trick-out their Model A’s. The tradition of ‘dice’ on the dashboard was adopted into the car culture. and displaying them came to mean the driver was willing to roll the dice in a street race. No longer a symbol of recklessness, today’s generation has embraced them as a nostalgic symbol of speed.

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