Our plan had been to go to Sunset Speedway this weekend, just for kicks. We’d hopefully be meeting a race team at the track to discuss a ride in their Bone Stock car. But by mid-week, we heard through social media that ‘King of the Hill’ spectator drag racing was back. The WRX is too nice, and the SVX is too rare to take out on an oval. The No. 16 MagiSeal Miata is our only race car, even if it has no place in a drag race, or an oval track.

Off to Innisfil we went!

Clearly, there was going to be some big competition. That GMC had drag radials and a V8 under the hood. One look at the diminutive Miata, and you know we brought a knife to a gun fight.

We met some of the other competitors; Dakota, Daytona and Charlie. The S10 pickup wasn’t going to set a new lap record, but the 2010 Mazda 3 certainly looked like it had some zoom-zoom left in it. The 2018 Honda Civic Si driven by a track regular with 20 years of experience? That’s going to be hard to beat.

Daniel lined up first against Big Red, and put up a hell of a fight. The crowd cheered when the little roadster made up ground in the corners, and really challenged for the win. It ended up a drag race to the finish line.

King of the Hill trophy went to a quick and deserving Charlie Smith in the Honda, but the little Mazda that battled the monster truck really won the hearts of the crowd.

Here’s the entire competition filmed by another spectator in the grandstand. Good stuff!

6 thoughts on “‘King of the Hill’ at Sunset Speedway

    1. There’s so many different types of racing… why not try them?

      The Miata has NO PLACE being in a drag race (it’s a road course car) so there’s no pressure to perform.

      Just have fun!

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