A recent social media post by one Mr. Elliot on the Canadian F1200 and Challenge Cup Series FB page included pictures of something unique: Formula 1200 cars on an oval track. Apparently the pictures are from the year 2000 at Cayuga Speedway. Who even knew F1200’s raced on ovals!

With the Indianapolis 500 set for this Sunday (and NASCAR’s Coca-Cola 600 too) the idea of oval track racing is brewing at Demaras Racing. There aren’t any ovals on the Canadian Formula 1200 Championship calendar, so driving a stock cars is more likely possibility. There’s certainly some transferable skills from road racing, but oval racing is an entirely different discipline. The many categories in stock cars can be a little confusing. Here’s just a sample.

The Bone Stock division (called Pure Stock at some tracks) is the grassroots level. The 4 cylinder cars are stock as they come off of the street, with modifications made for safety and safety only. The division name says it all with these cars that are strictly stock.

The Mini Stocks division is a step up from Bone Stock, and is considered an intermediate class. Small cars with 4-cylinder engines power these ‘minimally’ race modified passenger cars with strict safety requirements.

The Street Stock division is a popular intermediate class featuring full-size, North American built, V8 powered cars, with mostly stock components, and with a wide range of body styles and extensive modification.

The next division are the muscle-car bodied Super Stocks. Similar in appearance to street stocks, Super Stocks allow more modifications, and the V8 engines are capable of producing between 400+ horsepower.

The Late Model division are some of the fastest cars on track, Powered by big-block V8 engines, these cars produce upwards of 450 horsepower These purebred race cars feature purpose built chassis, lightweight bodies, and racing slicks.

This is just a small sample of the confusing divisions in stock car racing. We’ve skipped over youth series like Junior Late Model, Mini Trucks and Legends Cars and also steered clear ‘Modifieds’ which are some kind of cross between an open-wheeler and a stock-car, and are undoubtedly the coolest-looking division. It’s all just a little overwhelming!

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