PART 2: 2021 TRAK Race 10

Class Act Conte

The KartSport Canada rulebooks are available online, and anyone racing in TRAK or KartStars Canada should read the rules and keep a printed copy with them at the track…for just such a moment.

Any request to speak to an official must be conducted by filling out the inquiry form and handed to the designated person at the track. The Race Director will decide if there is to be any further action. The Race Director’s decision is final and not subject to appeal.

TRAK Supplemental Sporting Regulations (BOOK 1)

At the conclusion of the Briggs Masters race, anger was boiling over at scales. Demaras removed his helmet and gave his rival Conte a bro-hug, congratulating him on another great win. Daniel was pleased at his recovery drive to P2, but was then informed he’d been hit with a 3-position penalty for failing to leave racing room.

Contact between the 476, 412 and 477 karts on the opening lap now resulted arguments when drivers exited the track, still seeing the ‘red mist’.

Race Director Rob Oakman wasn’t having any of it. His message was clear. Cool it!

The ironic part is that the penalty to Demaras would have elevated Conte’s father to the podium. By just keeping quiet, Jeff and Lorenzo could have shared a great father-son moment. But as a race official at KartStars events, and always a straight-shooter, Jeff helped his season-long rival Daniel file an inquiry, and he even provided the video evidence needed.

In the sweltering heat, Demaras, Di Leo, Conte and Polo reviewed video footage to see if there was any merit to protesting the penalty. Keeping tempers cool in the concrete garage was tough. Demaras wrote up a formal Incident Inquiry form and presented it to the Race Director.

Getting a penalty at the track is a horrible feeling. After a long day of racing, a driver crosses the finish line, satisfied they’ve tried their hardest. Finding out they’ve been demoted…it’s almost too much. Tempers flare, accusations fly. Racers have even been known to ask Oakman why he always gives them penalties, as if singling them out!

But by keeping cool, following the remedies provided in the rulebook, and bringing new evidence to light to plead his case, the penalty against the No. 412 kart was overturned, and Demaras was back on the podium. Thank you Rob Oakman for fair and impartial officiating.

The loneliest podium at TRAK Race 10 was without a doubt Briggs Masters. No crowd, no applause, no flash photography. Just a couple kids ordering fries from the nearby snack bar.

Without fanfare, Oakman handed the trophies to Conte and Demaras, who stood next to an empty 3rd place spot on the podium. But it was all smiles. The look of vindication on Demaras’ face was highly entertaining. As for Conte on the top step, he’s the one who saved the podium finish for Demaras, despite being rivals on track.

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