PART 1: 2021 TRAK Race 10

The usual suspects were at Goodwood Kartways on Saturday, ready to race. New Speed Motorsports was prepared to battle in VLR Masters and Briggs Masters. Dave, Cayden, Chris, Trevor and Daniel worked through the sweltering heat to ready the karts.

Working the draft with rival Jeff Conte in the No. 413, Demaras earned back-to-back pole positions, following up on his fast qualifier in KartStars Canada Nationals the week before.

With Conte alongside at the start of the Pre-Final, Demaras knew he’d have racing. Daniel pulled out a lead, then controlled the gap back to Bruno Polo in the No. 477, who had a full cheering squad with him this week. Conte was not so lucky, dropping back a few positions (don’t worry…wait for the end).

Dale Bonham jumped in to help this week, since Anthony, Leonard, Cale and Glenn were not at Goodwood. Bonham worked some magic on the clutch and front end, giving Demaras a kart capable of winning. A quick high-five on the grid for good luck, and Demaras was ready for the Final. The first three rows of the grid was set:

  • P1 – Daniel Demaras
  • P2 – Bruno Polo
  • P3 – Tony Cossetti
  • P4 – Jeff Conte
  • P5 – Lorenzo Conte
  • P6 – Chris Lemme

At the drop of the green flag, the No. 477 accelerated quickly in the outside lane, crossing the start/finish line before the No. 412, but it was not a jump-start. By Turn 2, contact occurred between three karts, and the No. 477 got air when it ran over the rear tire of the No. 412 kart. (Video below courtesy of No. 413 Jeff Conte)

When the dust settled (literally) Demaras was way down in P5 and battling the midfield. But Daniel showed some smooth moves as he made multiple passes, and took P2 away from the No. 476 with whom he had contact in the first sequence of corners. On Lap 8, Demaras set a blistering 43.467 sec. lap…nearly 4/10ths faster than his rival.

Crossing the finish line in second place, Daniel maximized his results after the rough start, only to find out he’d incurred a 3 position penalty!

To be continued…

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