From CKN article History Made in Briggs Cadet Nationals Final

Young Rocco Simone is only seven years old and on Sunday at the Canadian Karting Championships at the Mosport Karting Centre, he made history when he crossed the finish line first in the Briggs Cadet Final.

In scoring the National title, Simone and his father Anthony have become the first parent and child combination to both win a sanctioned Canadian Karting Championship. Anthony was the winner of Formula C in 1999 at Karting Grand Mere in the first Nationals sanctioned by ASN Canada FIA.

For the past two seasons, Daniel has had a lil’ brother at New Speed Motorsports. Last year, Rocco was 6 and Daniel was 16, so they hit it off right away. They spend most weekends together at the track, hanging out, cheering each other on, and trying to support one another in their quest for racing glory. One day, when Rocco is racing in the Indy 500 or the 24 hours of Le Mans, Daniel will say he had to help the kid tie his shoes back in the day 😂!

All jokes aside, congratulations Rocco on an achievement that meant as much to Anthony, Glenn, Leonard and the whole New Speed Motorsports team as it did to the driver. Just look at the joy and pride on these faces!

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