Birthday at the Track

Having a birthday in early September can sometimes be terrible, especially when it falls on the first day of school. But some years, when you’re lucky, you get to celebrate your birthday with your friends, teammates and even rivals at the race track.

Daniel Demaras races the No. 412 kart, in honour of his favourite Indy Car driver, Will Power (plus the prefix “4” for Briggs Masters drivers). To share the joy of Daniel turning 18 years old, Chris Demaras brought 412 cupcakes to 3S Go-Karts and asked series promoter Dan DiLeo to distribute the treats to the racers. Daniel Demaras had no idea what his dad had planned for him. The look on his face was hilarious!

NSM team boss Max Preston used his knife-wielding skills to carve a special message into Daniel’s birthday cake.

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