Below is an excerpt from a CKN article by Cody Schindel with help from Emily Billings. While it is a race recap of Round 4 of the KartStars Canada series, it might as well be a press release for New Speed Motorsports! All three NSM drivers (No. 412 Daniel Demaras / No. 425 Cayden Goodridge / No. 95 Rocco Simone) reached the podium at the big event.

Drivers just love to see their names on the big karting websites! ❤️

It was a very busy labour day weekend for karting and one of the programs in action was KartStars Canada, who returned to 3S Go-Karts in Sutton for round four of their 2021 championship. It was a nice return to a circuit with plenty of karting history and this time with a little more than a week to plan out the action.

Using a slightly different track configuration than last year, racers were challenged on the circuit near Sibbald Point Provincial Park. All of the racing was completed on a dry track, but heavy overnight rain on Saturday set up for a wet start to Sunday’s action.

KartStars Senior

There was no touching Boam in KartStars Senior on Sunday as he secured his second win of the weekend by a massive 9.5 seconds and was the only driver to crack the 44-second lap time bracket. The race for second saw Daniel Demaras (Intrepid Kart) fend off Steven MacVoy (Ricciardo Kart) and Jelena Latkovic (Intrepid Kart) in a tight battle for the remaining podium positions.

Briggs Masters

Brutzki got his revenge in the Saturday Briggs Masters Final as he went on to get the victory with relative ease. Taking second was Daniel Demaras some four seconds adrift while Bruno Polo (TonyKart) took third.

VLR Masters

Cayden Goodridge (Exprit) was back to his winning ways in VLR Masters on the weekend, pulling away to a massive 13-second victory in the Final. Second place went to Paul Rhodes (Exprit), who held on for dear life in the closing laps to fend off Alex Mankovski (Intrepid Kart) and Andrew Valenzano (Intrepid Kart).

Briggs Cadet

For the first time this season, we had a different race winner in Briggs Cadet. The pressure was on from the drop of the green flag from Ethan Chan (Intrepid Kart) as he hounded Christian Papp (Intrepid Kart) in the opening laps. On lap three, Chan had a look up the inside of the grid corner, but he backed out at the last second. Trying to push him through, Rocco Simone (BirelART) got into the back of Chan and the contact between the three sent them all scattering, with Simone erupting with the lead. From there, Simone kept a great pace up front and took his first Briggs Cadet win of the year, with Chan finishing second and Papp third.

To read the full article about ROK Senior (which saw Matte Ferrari on the podium), ROK Junior, Mini Rok, plus all the Briggs classes please visit:

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