July 4, 2022

Power Trio

~ by Michelle #29 Demaras ~

Yesterday I went to K1 Speed for the first time in I don’t know HOW long with my two best friends Mia and Angeline. It was a total blast! We arrived and I decided to walk them around the place. I showed them everything from paddock to the bathrooms, but the real treat was the arcade. There was going to be a long wait before we raced, so we blew a ton of cash on arcade tokens for the claw machine! We got too many stuffies to count, and spent at least an hour over there.

The next while was pretty boring, since it was just waiting for our turn on the track, but we made the moment fun by making games with our new stuffies! My dad and his friend Max got their chance to go race while the rest of us got some food. Soon enough it was finally OUR turn to race!

We did a total of two drift races. Before the first one, I was actually getting a little anxious. I’m not Daniel, I have almost no race experience! But once we got going, I had a blast. From speeding past my friends who got stuck, to forgetting how to reverse, all of it was really exciting. I even finished first place!

The real fun happened in our second drift race. This time it was my friends, my dad and me! We were all spinning out at every corner, and I kept getting accidentally bumped into (dad!) which made it much harder. But it was super fun. The whole idea of Drift Night sounded great to me, and I’m really happy I went!

Another great thing about going to K1 is finally getting to present my kart-art project.

A few months ago, I crafted and spray-painted a cardboard go-kart as part of K1 Speed’s “Build Your Own Kart” contest. It featured a steering wheel held up by a pencil, tires made of DVDs, and two teddies inside! We bought new teddies, because I’m not letting go of my own teddy, Bamse! I worked super hard on it and I was ecstatic when I found out that I won the contest and was finally going to deliver it into the track!

That cardboard go-kart is now to be staying at K1 Speed PERMANENTLY!

Yes…my little spray-painted, teddy-bear driving go-kart is going to be on display at the front counter K1 Speed where everyone can see it. I’m so happy that we were able to display the project at the track, where it was meant to be. I hope that people who visit K1 Speed like it as much as I do!

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