Night Race 2021 – TRAK Race 12 / KartStars 5

There are sprint races, and there are marathons. Saturday’s “Night Race” opened at 10:00 am, started free practice sessions at noon, and didn’t wrap up on-track activities until 10:05 pm.

When the Masters race ended, Demaras’ kart was sent to tech for inspection. NSM tuner Leonard had to quickly pull apart the engine to allow race officials to confirm it’s legality. No problem there!

Once the No. 412 was given the “OK” Leonard pushed it back to the paddock and started putting his tools away.

After the Finals for Briggs Cadet, Junior, Senior, Masters and all the ROK categories, a special “shootout” race for the KartStars Junior & KartStars Senior catchweight divisions was scheduled. And it was a very unique format.

Drivers would be sent out on track for one 5-minte session to set the order. When leaving the track, racers would go through scales, then be sent immediately to grid-up for the race. No changes to the kart were allowed. It was truly “run what you brung”.

Daniel wheeled the No. 412 to a P5 starting position…at Masters weight of 375 lbs! He started ahead of Kevin May, Jelena Latkovic and Levon Beaudin.

Demaras wasn’t in contention for the win on this night, but his Top 10 finish gave him enough points to secure P2 in the KartStars Senior division’s overall championship! Demaras truly punched above his weight this year.

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