Night Race 2021 – TRAK Race 12 / KartStars 5

After a rare two-week break in the racing schedule, competition resumed. The event at Goodwood Kartways was both TRAK Race 12 for those competing in the club championship, and KartStars Round 5. The season finale for the regional series was made extra-special by running under the lights at Goodwood, where the series began the 2021 season.

Demaras and the No. 412 crew of Trevor and Chris arrived at the track at 10:00 am, as the remainder of the team rolled in before noon. It was going to be a long day.

Daniel could only manage a P7 qualifying, unable to find a drafting partner in the 20-kart field. He would have to move forward in the Heat Races to give himself a chance at victory later in the day.

Demaras wasn’t the only person face challenges. The pack had difficulties leaving the grid, as one racer stalled his engine and could not get it re-fired, while 2021 Nationals champ Macvoy did not have his helmet and safety gear on, and actually missed the start of Heat Race 1! What a strange day.

The start of Heat Race 2 was clean, but by the time the pack made it to Turn 5, a desperate Yanko used Beaudin and Macvoy as brakes, causing a collision. The chain reaction sent Lorenzo Conte crashing into, and over, Daniel Demaras, who was then forced onto the grass. In last place, Daniel put on a ‘champions drive’ moving forward from 20th to 11th in the course of only 8 laps.

Demaras’ frustration was clearly visible. He knew he had the speed to compete with the best racers, but circumstances conspired against him. Daniel’s oldest friend at the track, Tony Kart racer Matte Ferrari, helped him cool down and focus on the task ahead. Getting angry certainly wouldn’t help!

NSM tuner Leonard was a man on fire. Taking apart the rear of the No. 412, Leonard cut and pounded the new axle into place.

As the sun set, and racers readied for the ‘big show’ Demaras mother and sister arrived at the track to provide additional family support. Daniel recapped the ups and downs of the day, commenting that the racing gods hhad helped him in the pre-final, helping him to a P3 finish, exactly where he wanted to be in the final. Directly behind pole sitter Marc Stehle.

Sitting on grid can be lonely. Once a racer has fist-bumped his mechanic and received slaps on the back from his teammates, he’s left only with his thoughts.

“Will we have a clean start?”
“Will my pass on second place in turn 1 stick?”
“Why is Macvoy standing there staring at me?”

At the drop of the green flag, Daniel got exactly what he wanted. A battle with multi-time National champ, Marc Stehle. Demaras pushed hard off the starting line, passing Macvoy and gapping Yanko behind him. Daniel chased the champ, attacking whenever at the slightest mistake, but refusing to dive-bomb or drive dirty. Their times were nearly identical setting 46.7 second laps more than a dozen times.

Ending the race a fraction of a second away from another big win was heart-breaking yet satisfying all at the same time.

Demaras proved he could run with the best, and his P3 in the Pre-Final and P2 in the Final gave him enough points to secure second place overall in the KartStars Canada Championship, Briggs Masters division with three podiums, two pole positions and one win.

Team results for New Speed Motorsports were impressive. Along with Daniel Demaras’ proud podium, Cayden Goodridge overcame adversity to bring home a P3 finish and clinch the VLR Masters Championship. Rocco Simone took his second straight win in Briggs Cadet to make a late charge in the TRAK championship.

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