It’s been six weeks since Round 4 of the 2021 CRKC series. Rumor around the track was that Chris received a three-race suspension for ‘avoidable contact’ in the last round. Demaras insists that he has simply been focusing his time and energy on Friday practice days for Daniel’s No. 412 kart, which is leading the TRAK Championship.

The truth may never come out.

But from all reports, a refreshed, renewed and relaxed Chris Demaras returned to Goodwood Kartways on Friday, ready to compete. No longer focusing on overall standings or championships, Chris can just focus on individual races. Maybe even a podium.

One racer who is in the championship hunt is Miggy Montano. In only his 2nd season of kart racing, #TheMigster currently sits third in the points table. Chris is a big fan of this young racer, and proudly wear Migster merchandise at the track.

In low-grip conditions, Miggy was able to qualify and finish his race P3 to keep his chances of a championship strong.

Demaras added some advanced techniques to his game. Shifting his body in the seat, putting weight on the outside wheels to increase grip and speed in the corners. It put extra pressure on his ribs, but Chris managed a P4 in qualifying.

At the drop of the green flag, Demaras was right on the bumper of his rival Intranuovo. Pushing through Turn 1 and Turn 2, Chris made an aggressive pass to take P3. Chasing down P2, inconsistency cost Demaras a chance to move further up the field, but he was very relieved with his first podium of 2021.

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