Back at Goodwood for Race 13 in the 2021 TRAK season. With new decals on the sidepods, and pieces of the old decals relocated to the rear bumper, the No. 412 was certainly looking good enough. But would it be quick enough?

The previous week’s Night Race finished so late, most racers just left their karts as-is after the event. So, Saturday morning was spent changing gears and chassis setup to prepare for the long-track reverse configuration. Once morning practice started, all the drivers realized they’d forgotten to swap the clear visors they used at night for the tinted visors they normally use in the daytime. Plenty of squinting during that early morning session.

Once qualifying began, Daniel realized the No. 412 kart had a major problem. The 412B motor just wasn’t giving full power. When drafting with racing-rival Jeff Conte, Demaras noticed the loss of power coming up the hill after Turn 9.

Despite qualifying P3, the tough decision was made to pull the 412B motor and replace it with the 412A motor. This meant Daniel would have to give up his qualifying position, and start from last place. His body-language said it all. He was furious!

In a season filled with ups and downs, Demaras should have expected that lucky 13 on the racing schedule would be a nightmare. With encouragement from Leonard, Anthony and the New Speed Motorsports team, Daniel put on a show, passing multiple drivers on his way back up to P3.

It’s safe to say that Demaras impressed people with his racing this weekend.

A win wasn’t possible for the No. 412 kart, but Daniel proudly stood on the podium with Jeff Conte and Bruno Polo…just a little closer to the 2021 TRAK Championship.

Next up is TRAK Race 14 scheduled this Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 where Demaras will attempt to clinch back-to-back Briggs Masters TRAK Championships.

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