Way back in 2017, CRKC double-champion Daniel Demaras made the jump to club racing. In that first season of Briggs Jr. racing, Demaras was under the VRS tent at Mosport with guys who would become friends for years. including Keidon & Scott Fletcher, Jon & James Treadwell…and Kevin May. Kevin was quite a few years older than Daniel, and had already put his helmet away and moved on to tuning.

Seeing Kevin back at the track earlier this summer after so many years was a real treat for Daniel. But Kevin wasn’t there to wrench anyone to racing glory. He was back in action!

Getting to race against Kevin was something Daniel never thought he’d have a chance to do.

All summer long, these two competed against each other, sometimes as drafting partners in qualifying and often going wheel-to-wheel on track. They compared gear ratios, bumped into each other travelling back from ‘away’ races, and even shared chocolate cake on Daniel’s birthday. Kevin’s father was even nice enough to give Daniel’s father a USB stick with 100+ pictures from the recent KartStars race in Sutton.

The May family are a real class act.

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