Even though this weekend was only Race 14 of 15 on the calendar, it appears that Daniel Demaras in the No. 412 kart will be the only NSM racer to compete in the October 23rd’s TRAK Season Finale. The Goodridge’s were not under the NSM tent at TRAK Race 13, and Cayden didn’t compete in Race 14. The Simone’s are moving to Florida mid-month, so they won’t be back at Goodwood Kartways either. Next year, NSM may only compete in regional races, like the KartStars Canada. So, in may ways, this was the end for New Speed Motorsports.

But for Chris and Daniel from Demaras Racing, this is just another chance at racing glory. Next year’s racing season may look very different, but in the meantime, Daniel will try to wrap up back-to-back TRAK Championships for New Speed Motorsports.

Daniel Demaras and his de-facto Intrepid teammate Jeff Conte planned out their qualifying run. Starting at the front of the pack, they would draft and push to the front of the grid.

First the No. 413 was out front, then the No. 412 took a turn. The two racers pushed hard to beat the Tony Kart duo of Yanko and Polo, who were using the same strategy. With a few laps to go, Yanko pulled into the pits and Polo Polo continued, slowing on the front straight. Waiting for the Intrepids to arrive, to try and catch their draft, Polo held the racing line. This forced Demaras and Conte off line, spoiling the lap they were on, and the next lap. Chris Demaras was furious at what he saw as ‘tactics’.

Back under the NSM tent, tuner Cale M. worked his magic on the kart. The new race slicks had already been mounted, and balanced. Cale extended the rear width to within a hair of the maximum allowed by the regulations, and adjusted the front caster to dial out all the excessive grip causing the No. 412 to two-wheel on the unseasonably warm October afternoon.

Demaras started the Pre-Final in P3, behind Conte. On the right side of the grid was Polo in P2, and Yanko behind him in P4. Just before the green, Yanko accelerated hard into the rear bumper of Polo, causing the No. 477’s neck to snap back. Polo jumped out to the lead (later assessed a jump-start penalty) before being chased down by Conte.

Demaras had a great battle with Yanko in the closing laps as the rivals swapped places multiple times before the end of the race.

The TRAK Race 14 Final had all the usual suspects. No. 413 Conte, No. 477 Polo, No. 470 Yanko and No. 412 Demaras made up the first two rows. After a clean start, the Tony Kart duo battled the home track favourites in the Intrepid karts. By lap 2, Demaras had moved up a position, but was absolutely hammered in Turn 9 by a rival. This sent Demaras off track into the dirt, where he tumbled down to sixth position, his lowest point of the day.

But there is no quit in Daniel Demaras. He got back on track, and proceeded to move up the field, picking off positions aggressively and cleanly. He had a great battle with Dan Skilton in the No. 495 Leclerc kart, who was visiting Goodwood from his home track at Mosport this weekend. Demaras defended his position and brought the No. 412 home on the podium in 3rd place, but was later elevated to second place after Yanko was issued a one position penalty for blocking.

The only other NSM driver left, Rocco Simone in the No. 95, took victory in the Briggs Cadet race under the guidance of his dad Anthony, and NSM tuner Glenn.

This secured second place in the Briggs Cadet Championship for Rocco, who will not return to compete in the last race of the season.

The podium was a little surreal. Conte and Demaras proudly stood on the podium but Yanko would not join them.

Two years ago, Demaras he had never been on the podium. Now, he’s raced his Intrepid kart to multiple wins, pole positions and back-to-back TRAK Championships.

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