It was another busy weekend for Demaras Racing as Chris raced in Round 9 of Friday Night CRKC series and Daniel competed in TRAK Race 14 on Saturday. But on Sunday, there was something special on tap. Leaving the kart track behind, Chris and Daniel went to meet the Vallis Motor Sport team at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.

Bill Vallis (below, in blue) builds, prepares and contests Formula 1200 cars. He’s been involved in the series since the 1980’s providing full trackside support to select racers in the Canadian F1200 Championship. For 2022, Daniel Demaras is ready to take the step from karts to cars, and Bill is the man to give Daniel the best chance of success.

A meeting was arranged at CTMP for Daniel to try a BRD FV1200 on for size. The BRD was designed by mechanical engineer Brad Beunting to be light yet rugged with good aerodynamics and handling.  Climbing into the cockpit, Demaras felt the car was snug, but not that much different than the F2000 car he drove at Cayuga last year.

An interesting side note; Anthony Simone (team principal at NSM, Daniel Demaras’ kart racing team) raced in F1200 back in 1997. His team; Vallis Motor Sport!

Demaras also had a chance to meet veteran F1200 racer Phil Wang, who pilots the No. 177 car. Phil is a multi-time race winner who came to F1200 after racing at Goodwood Kartways from 2000 to 2007. He describes the series as the best step from karts to cars. Competitive and cost effective, without being too much, too soon.

Demaras headed over to Turn 1 to watch the F1200 cars head out on the foggy track, shortly before noon. The cars are very evenly matched, all using 1200 cc, air-cooled, four-cylinder VW engines. The series prevents competitors trying to outspend their way to victory lane by using, for example, spec 195/60 R14 Falken tires which last a full season. This is a series where the driver’s ability makes all the difference.

The similarity between Briggs racing and F1200 was quite obvious. Keeping momentum up in the corners is very important, due to the relatively low horsepower. Smoothness behind the wheel is rewarded and effective use of ‘the draft’ is critical

The appeal for Daniel Demaras is F1200 series allows him the opportunity to use the skills he’s acquired in kart racing, while providing him the chance he’s always wanted. To get into a racecar and compete on the big track..

It is time for Demaras to step away from the karts he’s races since childhood, and step up to open-wheel racing in Formula 1200.

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