With Daniel Demaras contemplating stepping up to F1200 next year, he’ll need to join a good team if he wants to see solid results. Anthony Simone (team principal of New Speed Motorsports, Daniel’s kart racing team) recommended Vallis Motor Sport. Way back in 1997, at the start of his racing career, Simone raced for Vallis in F1200 and suggested Daniel meet with Bill, the veteran team owner.

Who is Bill Vallis and how did he get involved with Formula 1200?

Bill Vallis is a car guy that became fascinated with the VW Beetle as a teenager. Even though other opportunities presented themselves, he was destined to become an automobile mechanic. They weren’t called technicians back then.

Bill apprenticed in a large shop that catered to the North America market. Before his apprenticeship was completed, Bill was their foreign car expert specializing in VW’s. There wasn’t room for another mechanic so when he received his license he moved on. Fortunately, his next employer was a serious drag racer and although Bill prefers road racing it was a great learning opportunity.

From there Bill opened his own shop working mainly on foreign cars, VWs and eventually eased into 1200cc Formula Vee preparation. When the transformation to racing was complete, he renamed the business to Vallis Motor Sport. In addition to supplying Formula Vee engines, transaxles and other parts, he built a few Formula Vees and initiated his arrive and drive program that continues to this day.

In 1993 Bill bought the right to be sole manufacturer of the 1200cc BRD Formula Vee, designed by mechanical engineer Brad Beunting who has since designed and built a Formula Ford 2000, worked with Formula 1 and Trans-Am teams. Beunting’s design criteria were simplicity, light but very rugged construction, good aerodynamics and handling. BRD’s will accommodate drivers that are over 6ft tall and 200lbs in weight.

VMS has produced 33 BRD’s, several of which being sold into the States. Vallis Motor Sport engines have won 15 National Championships, compete successfully in the US and strictly meet the CASA and SCCA rules, as does the entire car. At Formula 1200 Drivers Association races, 50% of the field is comprised of BRD’s.

Because of Vallis Motor Sport, the Formula 1200 Drivers Association is the only road racing group in Canada that has direct manufacturers support at the track. Bill attends all Formula 1200 races with advice, assistance, and spare parts regardless of where the car was purchased.

Although many other classes have come and gone, Formula 1200 and Bill have had a non-stop involvement right from the beginning. Starting out as a driver then branching out to preparation, engine and drivetrain building, complete car building and complete Formula 1200 racing programs, valuable knowledge has been gained along the way.

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