The Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame has announced their 2023 Class. Included on that exclusive list is Mr. Bill Vallis, a towering figure in the Formula 1200 community, and team principal of Vallis Motor Sport.

For over four decades, William ‘Bill’ Vallis has provided a gateway to open wheel racing in Canada. From arrive and drive seats in Formula 1200, to trackside support throughout North America and beyond.

Bill constructed over thirty BRD Formula 1200 race cars and maintained cars in F1200, F1600, F2000, Radicals, Prototypes and beyond. He’s continues to be the trusted engine and gearbox builder for several platforms, both in auto racing and otherwise.

He has taken in everyone, from high school co-op students with an interest in racing cars, to racers moving up from karts to race cars, and those at the other end of their careers looking to fulfil the dream of piloting a formula car. Bill has helped launch careers in a broad range of racing disciplines from factory test driver, motorsports technician, to F1 Academy driver.

His contributions to motorsports in Canada have always been on the grass-roots, ground-floor, and done without fanfare, but are indiscriminate and far reaching. For these reasons and more, Bill Vallis joins the 2023 Class of the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame

The induction ceremony will be held in February 2024, and will include other stars of Canadian motor racing such as Canadian Rally Champions Frank & Dan Sprongl and IndyCar racer James Hinchcliffe.

Bill Vallis’ induction into the Hall Of Fame is a special moment for the Demaras family too.. Our entire journey into formula racing has been alongside Bill.

When Daniel Demaras was still just a kart racer, it was Bill Vallis that gave Daniel his first test in an open-wheel race car. Since then, Daniel has spent two seasons as a Vallis Motor Sport driver, bringing Bill another F1200 series championship this year.

For many, many people in the Formula 1200 world (past and present drivers, teams, etc.) seeing Bill Vallis inducted into the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame is a huge moment. It’s one of us, the best of us, up there. Congratulations, Mr. Vallis!

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