~ by Chris Demaras ~

A little over a year ago, Daniel was just a kart racing kid with open-wheel dreams. Yet, here we are in late November; the whole Demaras Racing family sitting at a table at the Awards Banquet. Daniel wrapped up his first season racing cars by taking home 3rd Place Overall in the 2022 Canadian Formula 1200 Championship. This seemed impossible at the start of the season, when Daniel had set his goal as a podium finish before the end of the season.

Oh, and ‘Rookie of the Year’. That was the big goal he set, and achieved. From the first race weekend, he was the highest scoring rookie, and never relinquished that lead.

Inclement weather kept some important people away on this night, as several feet of snow prevented the Vallis family from attending, and Xavier could not make the trip from Quebec to pick up his 2nd Place Masters trophy, on hand to pick up hardware were Bill Mitchel (3rd Masters) Bob Patterson (1st Masters), Phil Wang (1st Overall), Nathan Yu (2nd Overall) and Daniel Demaras (3rd Overall and the coveted ‘Rookie of the Year‘ trophy).

Phil ‘the champ‘ Wang called Daniel up to centre stage to tell the assembled Formula 1200 drivers about the fundraiser he’s organized at K1 Speed. While the drivers weren’t enticed by the grand prize of driving a Formula 1200 car, they supported the event by making generous cash donations.

Hopefully the upcoming charity event will introduce even more kart racers to Formula 1200, and next year one of them will take home the Rookie of the Year trophy. This year, I’m proud to say that the honour belongs to my son, Daniel Demaras.

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