Formula Vee (called Formula 1200 in Canada) was started in 1960 at the request of Volkswagen dealers. In 1963 a league was established and recognized as a class within SCCA (Sports Car Club of America).These mid-engines racecars are limited to a 1200cc engine, VW Type 1 four-speed gearbox and suspension.. all from the Volkswagen Beetle.

The body is fiberglass over a tube-frame chassis. The open-wheel racecars are low-cost and easy to repair with high structural integrity, allowing most drivers to walk away from accidents. Spec tires (Falkens in Canada) are suitable in wet or dry racing conditions. Wings are not allowed, nor are limited-slip differentials or any type of traction-control. Since the playing field is relatively even in terms of mechanical components, drivers must heavily rely on their skill and technique in order to reach victory lane.

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