This was the second time at Cayuga in 2021 for Demaras Racing, and the fifth time in a little over a year. Previous trips were always the opportunity to drive cars owned by the track; Ferraris, Lamborghinis, dragsters and open-wheel racecars. This time, it would be Daniel’s Subaru WRX out on track.

Despite the local sounding name, Toronto Motorsports Park is more than an hour from Toronto, so the last stop before reaching the track was the fuel station in Cayuga for a full tank of 94 octane.

The paddock was filled with speed demons looking for one more chance at a quick lap time. BMWs, Porsches and race-prepped MX-5s were lined up and ready, but the number of BRZs and STIs was surprising. Daniel’s ’03 Bugeye looked right at home.

After some discovery laps, and pointers from the Cayuga’s driving coaches Harrison and Dove, Daniel set the air pressures on the Yokohamas, belted in and sped out on track for his first laps of the day.

The weather was mixed. Throughout the lapping sessions, the sun would burst through the clouds to dry the rain that fell moments earlier. But as Daniel learned on the skidpad at Shannonville, the WRX has an incredible level of grip that only enhances driver confidence.

While the engine cooled off, Daniel had time between sessions to contemplate how he could put in faster lap times without risking the equipment. There was no truck or trailer; the Subaru was the ride home! The more laps he put in Demaras learned he could carry much more speed through the corners, and the car would not step out.

The sun sets early and quickly in October. With a long drive ahead of them, Daniel and Chris got back in the daily-driver/track-car WRX for the trip home. It only took an afternoon of lapping to burn-off half a tank of gas, so the last stop before heading home was the fuel station in Cayuga for a full tank of 94 octane.

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