June 30, 2022

When Your Car Is More Than Just A Car

Tony at CARSTAR Scarborough Centre is a real car guy. He doesn’t just work in auto body … he loves cars. Sneak a peek in the shop and you’ll see everything from antique automobiles to restored roadsters. So, when Daniel Demaras needed extensive body work his Subaru WRX, CARSTAR was the obvious choice.

Many body shops just focus on fender-benders and insurance claims. But Tony was willing to source the NOS parts and do the restoration the right way, so the body of this Japanese classic would last another 18 years.

Each step was precise, from cutting away rusted panels, welding in new sheet metal, and repairing every dent the WRX accumulated since 2003. When complete, the car was straight panels, even gaps, and mile-deep World Rally Blue paint. There were even a few custom touches to make this Subaru special.

Daniel uses his WRX for a lot more than commuting to U of T. Before climbing into a Formula 1200 car, he drove his first laps around the full track at Cayuga in the Subaru, used it at Shannonville to get his competition license, even learned how to rallycross the WRX in the snow.

Just the look on Demaras’ face shows that when your car is more than just a car, you go to see Tony at CARSTAR Scarborough Centre.

CARSTAR Scarborough Centre has joined the Demaras Racing team, sponsoring Daniel Demaras in the No. 12 Formula 1200 race car for the 2022 season.

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