Monsters Return

~ by Chris #16 Demaras ~

I like to describe myself as a full-size American male. Kind of like a Chevy Impala or a Lincoln Continental. I never saw myself as a go-kart racer. I always thought I was built more like a monster truck driver. A couple years back, I bought my lifted GMC pickup ‘Black Magic II’ as a daily driver. ‘Cause who doesn’t need a truck on 35″ for the commute to work in Toronto?

Childish, you say? No, no no…

There used to be big monster truck show at the SkyDome when my kids were little, and we’d always go. The huge arena allowed the trucks to pick up a lot of speed, making for huge jumps. My kids liked it. I loved it! But during these ‘challenging times’ big events have been cancelled, including the show in Toronto.

I figured I’d be able to see monster trucks this year at the Markham Fair in October. Those agricultural fairs are outdoors, at huge fairgrounds, so there wouldn’t be a ‘social distancing’ problem. But the Markham Fair was different this year. It was a ‘walk through’ event that didn’t allow visitors to gather. The highlight was a ‘static monster truck display’. How ridiculous! The exciting part about monster trucks is seeing a 10,000 lbs vehicle jump through the air. Stationary trucks? No thanks!

Thank goodness for the Wadded Up Monster Truck Show! These are Canadian guys with four trucks touring smaller towns like Kitchener-Waterloo. This Saturday, October 30th, I’ll finally get to see monster trucks do their thing at Flamboro Speedway.

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