Formula 1200 (or Formula Vee) has a rich history. To prepare for competition in 2022, Demaras Racing has been learning about the interesting vehicles (like the aircraft-inspired Pegasus) as well as pioneers of the racing category. Today we look at Zink Cars.

Zink Cars was an American race car constructor in formed in 1962. Competing in several SCCA categories, Zinc is best known for its Formula Vee race cars. Ed Zink started his auto racing career at the dirt ovals of Tennessee and North Carolina in the 1950s. In 1962, Zink designed and built his first road racing car, the Zink Petit. The Zink Petit was a racing car built according to SCCA H-Modified class. The car was powered by a 850 cc DKW engine. The car made its debut at the SCCA National Championship Runoffs in 1960.

After a stint in sportscars, Zink introduced the Zink Z-5 Formula Vee. The car was first produced in 1965 and was dominant in its class until 1970. The Z-5 won the Formula Vee race at the Runoffs for five years in a row. In 1967 the Zink Z-5s finished in the first five places.

The coolest thing about these race cars was that they were so dominant that the SCCA changed the rules (outlawing the Zink’s stressed-skin metalwork) to counter the car’s uncanny ability. Even toay, Zinks often make up half the grid at historic Formula Vee events.

Illustration by Werner Bührer

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