On Saturday, Michelle Demaras and her driver Chris, collected hundreds of pounds of donated food on behalf of Toronto Miracle. The volunteer organization’s goal was to collect 250,000 lbs. of food donations in one day.

Michelle Demaras was the Community Captain of the ‘Blake-Jones’ neighbourhood of East York, and facilitated pickup from 23 locations between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. One of the donors was family friend Paul, who was interviewed by CityNews while his camera-shy wife Susanne hid just inside the front door of their home clutching her pet bunny.

The final count of food collected will soon be completed, but it really doesn’t matter. What’s important is that people in Toronto were inspired to do good…to help those in need.

There was such a tremendous amount of generosity that collection trucks at the depots were filled to capacity. So, Chris delivered the truckload of food directly to the Salvation Army warehouse on Railside Rd in North York. Seeing the size of the warehouse, and the 100,000’s of donations gave Chris pause for thought; despite the whole community effort, this is just the beginning. There’s a lot of work to do.

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