In early 2021, Demaras Racing planned on attending the Race Lab rally driving school with ‘Crazy Leo’ Urlichich. Unfortunately, restrictions prevented the course from running as planned. But now for some good news!

In February 2022, Race Lab will be holding a Mixed Surface Track driver training events at the Crazy Farm in Markham.

The actual farm is Race Lab’s most unique layout. The mixed surface track boasts an extremely smooth surface and features a jump along with many other elevation changes. The track can be run in either direction and has large spaces that can be configured into customizable track layouts. In the winter, when the ground is frozen, it’s smooth like glass making it quite challenging.

The Mixed Surface Track allows drivers to learn the unique skill of driving in low-grip conditions and surfaces. As an added bonus, Race Lab uses Bugeye WRXs as their school vehicles, so Daniel Demaras and will have the opportunity to learn how his daily driver / track toy performs off-road, without actually risking his own car.

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