~ by Chris #16 Demaras ~

I’m a 47 year-old road racing rookie looking start racing cars this summer. I’m a little worried about being too old for this, and I’m looking for some inspiration.

Me and Sebastien Loeb were both born in 1974. If he’s still doing it, so can I! Loeb is a 9-time WRC champion in the twilight of his career. Yet, he just had one of the greatest months in racing history, and I found it totally inspiring. Maybe it isn’t too late for me!

January 1st – 14th 2022 / The Dakar

Loeb competed in the Dakar Rally, coming in second place. A podium finish at the legendary Dakar is a dream for most racers, but low-key Loeb downplayed it as “…nothing to be ashamed of…”.

January 20th – 23rd 2022 / Monte Carlo Rally

Loeb then jumped into a new generation of rally car to compete in the Monte Carlo Rally. Co-driver Isabelle Galmiche (a math teacher) guided Loeb to his 8th Monte Carlo Rally win. Luck was on his side as the race leader experienced problems on the last day, but Loeb was always in contention.

February 4th – 6th 2022 / ROC

Yesterday, he competed in the Race of Champions against F1’s Sebastian Vettel, Indy 500’s Helio Castroneves and Le Mans’ Tom Kristensen. The event was held in Sweden, less than 100 km from the arctic circle. His ability to adapt to different vehicles in mixed-surfaces saw Loeb declared the 2022 Champion of Champions.

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