In retrospect, we may have misjudged this one.

Several weeks ago the KWRC rallycross event was cancelled on the day of the event due to undriveable conditions. Then, this past Sunday’s MLRC rallycross was also cancelled a few days in advance of the event for similar reasons.

Then, late last week, an email was received from KWRC about a ‘substitute’ event scheduled for the weekend.

We were really disappointed that we didn’t get our first rallycross of the year to run on Feb. 12 so we’ve come up with a plan to at least get some fun runs in.

This will be a fun day driving on snow, ice and frozen dirt. We won’t be doing official timing and scoring and it won’t count in our series. There is no charge but if, after the event, you feel it was worth it you can make a donation to the club. Helmets and other rallycross rules will apply.

This wouldn’t be competition or count for the series, it would just be an opportunity to have some fun with friends. We wouldn’t have assigned car numbers. It would be a good opportunity for people to learn some slippery surface driving.


We just didn’t believe that the event would happen. And we didn’t want to risk driving all the way to Oshweken, only to find out the event was cancelled. Rallycross is subject to weather conditions, and if the track isn’t drivable, that’s too bad. Bet we errored on the side of caution and made indoor plans at HIP Motorsports on their racing sim.

Looking at the pictures and videos of the KWRC RallyX Test Day, it looked like an incredible day of high-speed driving in low-grip conditions. We really missed out on this one.

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