Excitement built on the drive east to Ajax. Daniel Demaras would get an opportunity to try out the iRacing’s Formula Vee (F1200) on HIP Motorsport’s top-of-the-line racing sim, the new CR-401 Continuous Rotation Simulator from Force Dynamics.

“…Continuous rotation is important because it means you’ll feel lateral forces on your body that go far beyond what most motion simulators can produce. So, you feel those important and informative forces throughout the corner, since this simulator doesn’t need to use artificial and confusing yaw adjustments to represent the next move the car makes…”

Checking out their YouTube video does not prepare you for the experience.

The HIP facility is a top-quality, sim racing facility. It is definitely not an arcade with driving games. The main driving room houses 8 ‘rigs’ with force-feedback wheels and 2-axis movement.

But the special sim, it is in the ‘temple’ at the back of the building. Illuminated in red LEDs, encased by glass walls, it is clearly a very special piece of equipment.

This simulator is not only a fantastic training tool, but a crazy experience. A super realistic of every bit of movement involved in driving a race car, with bumps and hills and a full 360 degrees of movement. It was a great way to learn how to go fast around CTMP, and a lot of fun.

In the next private studio, the driving coach can watch you drive (full telemetry) or be on track with you. This allows coaching techniques like lead-follow, and passing drills to be performed. It’s just a little odd to see the virtual version of your race car in the video playback.

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