HIP Motorsports

With this weekend’s MLRC Rallycross event cancelled, racers have been left looking for another way to feed their need for speed.

Twin Lakes Motor Club is hosting a round of the CASC Ice Racing series in Minden. And locally there’s always K1 Speed in North York, which is always great fun. Instead, to help prepare for the upcoming racing season, Demaras Racing will head east to Ajax, visiting HIP Motorsports for the first time.

The facility featuring spacious studios and premium quality motion simulators. HIP (an acronym for “How I Play“) bills itself as a unique experience for individuals, groups and business events, also has racing leagues, offers driver training, and distributes sim racing equipment to discerning enthusiasts.

HIP Motorsports uniquely connects sim racing and real-life motorsports in Canada, as they compete in AER (American Endurance Racing) in their highly modified Pontiac GTO.

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