A Sponsor’s Dream

We’re big fans of open-wheel racing here at Demaras Racing. Sure, we’ll watch NASCAR on road courses, but we don’t really follow the series through all 36 races.

But this past weekend, the No.1 Trackhouse Racing car was emblazoned with K1 Speed livery, so we just had to watch!

After years of racing at K1 Speed, it’s like our home track. It was kind of special to see it represented on the big stage that is NASCAR racing.

And to top it off, Ross Chastain followed up his 3rd place finish at Las Vegas last weekend with a 2nd place finish at Phoenix this weekend. That’s a sponsor’s dream right there. The best part was the post race interview:

Reporter: Aggressive, exciting, fast. How would you sum up your day?

Chastain: Like a day at the K1 track. It was so much fun!

It must also make the folks at K1 feel good that the winner … the only guy to beat their car … was wearing a K1 Race Gear suit!

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