Environment Canada has officially confirmed that an EF2 tornado was embedded within the leading edge of he line of thunderstorms in Ontario late Saturday morning. The storm tracked northeast over Southern Ontario, through Stouffville, reaching Ottawa on Saturday afternoon.

The agency said the tornado occurred at 1:15 pm on Saturday afternoon in Uxbridge and was found to have a maximum wind speed of 195 km/h.

The Demaras family spent years racing at Goodwood Kartways and are torn up at the sight of their home track. Daniel’s former racing rival, Jeff Conte, was at on track Saturday, and witnessed the damage firsthand. His GoPro even captured the moment the storm arrived at the track.

This was the view from the scales area when the storm rolled through. From the first raindrops hitting the kart until the two 20ft x 40ft tents got sent into the scale area and flattened was about 5 minutes. No serious injuries, medical was on-site to tend to the few cuts and bruises, karts and tents can be replaced people cannot.

No. 413, Jeff Conte

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