Go Fast Photography has shot pictures for Demaras Racing both at Crazy Farm and at his regular haunt, CTMP. He was there shooting pictures for the Victoria Day Speedfest when the storm hi. Here’s the storm, in his own words:

I have never experienced anything like this storm. It came so fast, with 10 minutes of warning from an emergency alert. Shortly after I took the first photo, I was helping the Hyundai crew close up another side flap on their canopy, when the wind hit like a train. The canopy was lifted up and came crashing down around us and was tearing itself apart. One of their crew members grabbed me by the shirt and pulled us to cover between two trailers.

Once the worst of the winds died down, we rushed into the Hyundai. My cameras were sitting on the tool cart underneath the canopy during the worst of it, but I believe Connor Attrell went to rescue them just before we made it to their trailer. Extremely thankful to Hyundai Racing Canada crew for looking out for me and my equipment!

The storm wreaked havoc all across the park. The FEL SCCC series was devastated, with them cancelling the remaining races for Sunday. A few people were injured around the park, and I hope they are alright. From flipped campers, to most tents around the park being destroyed, trees uprooted, and tent poles impaled into cars and the ground, the park worked together to help clean up and get one last race in. The FEL ERCC series pulled together 10 radicals for no points race for the fans who braved the storm and stayed.

They say Motorsports is dangerous, I just never expected my closest call to be with Mother Nature!

Alex Smalley, GoFast Photography

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