June 30, 2022

Toronto Tornado

This weekend was Round 1 of the KartStars Canada series at Goodwood. Demaras Racing was not at the event, having moved on from kart racing in 2022. But many family friends and former rivals were at the race, which has seen bad weather in past years. But nothing like this.

At 1:30 pm, tornado level winds tore across southern Ontario, with Uxbridge and Stouffville particularly hard hit. At the track, tents were lifted skyward, karts flipped over onto drivers and toolboxes sent wrenches airborne as everyone at the track scrambled for cover.

Over at Mosport, the Victoria Day Speedfest was underway, with NASCAR Pinty’s Series cars preparing for qualifying.

Trees were uprooted, signs were blown down, and haulers were thrown around the paddock like a child’s toys. The storm had been tracked since noon when it blew in through Windsor and London, picking up speed and strength as it reached the GTA. But it arrived with such speed and ferocity, many were not prepared for the storm.

Races at Goodwood and Mosport were immediately suspended.

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