With a week and a half to go until the next Formula 1200 race, Bill Vallis held a practice session at Toronto Motorsports Park. Demaras Racing showed up with their truck, 10’x10′ canopy, table and tools as if it was a kart race. With time to kill, Daniel switched his Bell GP3 helmet over to a smoked visor.

The clattering diesel of Bill’s dually signaled his arrival. In his silver bullet trailer, two BRD F1200 race cars and enough spare parts to undo anything the drivers could possibly do to them. The weather was 21°C and intermittently cloudy, but the forecast was for rain late in the evening.

Daniel was pumped-up to get back in the driver’s seat of his race car, and especially to return to Cayuga for the first time since November. Back then, the car was the black No. 27, but it has now been completely rebuilt, repainted and christened the No.12 MAGISEAL Fabric Protection F1200 car. Sponsor decals coming soon!

Belted in and ready, Daniel ventured out on track and got up to speed, quickly.

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