August 18, 2022

Retired Race Car

Driving back to Toronto from Mosport is boring now. Ever since the 407 extended all the way to Hwy 35 / 115, getting home after a race weekend takes less than an hour at 116km/h without the slightest worry about speed enforcement. There’s enough people driving 130 km/h + to keep the highway patrol busy.

But if you venture down Hwy 57 and hook a right on Taunton Rd on the way to Hampton, Ontario, you will pass by this magnificent sight. It appears to be a four-door, 1956 Chevrolet that was used as a circle track racer. The car looks like it was painted red ochre, but that could just be the rust building on the surface. It looks a lot like the roadside ’49 Ford pickup on the way to Bill Vallis’ race shop.

The No. 90 looks like it had a hard life, but one can only image what racing glory it experienced. There’s a roll cage welded in (probably won’t pass tech inspection now) and the engine is still in the bay.

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1 thought on “Retired Race Car

  1. It totally deserves a “partial” restoration. I would leave the patina and the scars of so many battles, but I would make it drivable again, with a small block Chevy under the hood.

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