There’s a well written (and extensively photographed) article by Rubens Junior on The Classic Machines blog about the recent Vintage Grand Prix.

Since the Coronavirus is somehow in our rear view mirror, we like to tell that “life is back to normal”, even if we know it is a lie. Recession, climate change, and the danger of nuclear Armageddon are just a few reminders that life is far from normal. Moss Corner, or turn 5, at Mosport […]

Vintage Car Racing in Canada — The Classic Machines

Rubinho even stopped by the Formula 1200 paddock and snapped a picture of Chrid Demaras (below, right,) pretending to be busy.

A few examples of the Formula Vee cars powered by the 1200cc air-cooled VW engine. The black and green #12 car belongs to the Demaras Racing team. You can check their website:

Vintage Car Racing in Canada — The Classic Machines

The Classic Machines website is written by a Brazilian gearhead with a love for Flathead V-8s, hot rods, dragsters and even the mighty VW Beetle! Check it out!

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