As competitors in F1200 (powered by 1200 cc Volkswagen engines) Demaras Racing has special interest in the revolutionary Volkswagen ad campaign of the 960s. The artistic approach to print advertising was innovative, even if it wasn’t designed to sell products. It was memorable, and completely different than anything else from the era.

The people’s car ads were designed to be simple and honest, free from embellishment. Straight-forward layouts, black-and-white, unretouched pictures, and witty copy to make the print ads unique. VW’s theme of irreverence and humor played well with the public. Each ad was designed to be so complete that it could stand alone without addressing all aspects of the automobile.

But, to racers, the greatest ad has to be the “Beast in Every Bug” ad below. Yes, every Volkswagen Beetle is a direct relative of the furiously fast Formula Vee, also known as, the F1200!

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