~ by Chris #16 Demaras ~

My 1992 Subaru SVX has been in the shop for a few weeks. Scarboro Subaru have been servicing this vehicle since the original owner, Mr. Wagman (RIP), purchased it new in late 1991. But getting parts for a rare, 30 year-old vehicle is getting harder. So, I visited the online forums like SVX Nation and that’s where I met Ameen. He’s a young mechanic working at Whitehead, a Nissan restoration shop, and was able to supply with with a timing belt, tensioners, pulleys and a new water pump. Cool!

The shop Ameen works at is amazing!

Every generation of Z-car is parked in the lot. From the early 240Z, to the mid-80s 300ZX with the pop-up headlights, and even a late-model 350Z with a VeilSide widebody kit. Tucked away is also a RHD, early ’90s R32 GT-R ‘Godzilla’ for the right customer.

My new friend has a very original looking Subaru SVX that he daily drives. The black-over-white paint is in great shape, and the wheels look just like BBS LM wheels that cost a fortune, back in the day. The car spent many years in the south-western United states, but is now prowling the streets of Toronto, even in winter.

If you’re having a hard time finding original parts for your Japanese classic, give them a call. They might be able to help you.

Whitehead Performance
134 Rivalda Road
North York, ON, M9M 2M8
(416) 665-2220

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