September 29, 2022

2023 K1 World Championships

Demaras Racing has received some BIG NEWS about the next K1 Speed World Championship in California. After finishing on the podium at the inaugural event in 2019, Daniel Demaras qualified to represent Canada again in 2020. The event his been on hold for…years. But it might all be worth it!

Hello Racers!

Regarding the K1 Speed World Championship…we have some VERY exciting news to share with you. This year’s event is getting postponed yet again (cue boos and hisses, pitchforks and torches). That said, we think you’ll like the reason why.

That’s why we’re beyond excited to announce today that you will be invited out to the K1 Speed World Championship, next year (most likely during the spring months), at none other but the place we were supposed to host the championship from the beginning: K1 Circuit.

For those who do not know, K1 Circuit is our very first outdoor go kart track. We’re working with the CIK-FIA to get this track certified, and the electric karts we’ll be using will be nothing like the K1 Speed karts you’re driving right now.

So get ready for one heck of a show next year, when we FINALLY host the K1 Speed World Championship – at K1 Circuit!! I look forward to meeting every one of you at our state-of-the-art facility.

K1 Speed
17221 Von Karman Ave. Irvine, C

This really is the best news to come out of California since they announced the Dodgers were moving to L.A. For Daniel Demaras, racing karts is where he got his start, and he has now moved on to F1200 and hopefully more. Getting to return to karts, and finally race at the K1 Circuit, is going to bring his story full circle.

Check out this video of K1’s Ryan Jurnecka on track at the K1 Circuit to understand why everyone is so excited.

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