The desert. Dry, barren, devoid of life. But stories are common where protagonists reach the desert and are struck by a moment of inspiration, of clarity. Like in 1945 when Bugsy Seigel saw the potential in the wastelands of Nevada to build a luxury and casino hotel as a stopover for GI’s returning to the west coast.

Or Kimi Räikkönen’s existential moment in the Bahrain desert in 2017 when his Ferrari burned up during practice and Kimi went for a walk through the desert in 37°C heat … with full race suit and helmet on.

But that one might just be madness.

After nearly four years of planning, waiting, developing and waiting some more, the K1 Circuit in California has broken ground, and the shape of the track is visible. So is its elevation change! This will be the first outdoor electric karting facility in the K1Speed empire.

Enjoy as Ryan Jurnecka takes us on a tour.

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