With evening temperatures over 25°C this weekend, Chris and Michelle Demaras decided to take a lap of the downtown core. Plenty of Corvettes out doing the same thing. But the Miata is a hardcore track car with stiff suspension and straight pipes with no heat shields. Not much of a cruiser.

But with the roof off, Michelle can hop out the whip, and hop back in.

2 thoughts on “Hop Out The Whip

    1. Hey Rubens! Check out https://demaras.com/2022/04/26/monster-miata-part-1/

      This shop (Dave’s Garage) actually specializes in doing LS swaps; putting a Corvette V8 into a Miata. It’s absolutely insane. The all-aluminum V8 isn’t much heavier than the Mazda’s iron block + aluminum head 1.8L four cylinder. But the whole subframe of the car has to be re-enforced to keep the car from twisting from all that torque!

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