~ by Chris ‘#16’ Demaras ~

Having taken our 1999 Miata out on the big track at Mosport, we wanted to get the car up on a hoist and check for any issues. This car was built for the track, but it’s close to a year since its last lapping day with the previous owner, so Big Dave told us to bring the car in for a once over.

On our way to Hamilton for an event this past Sunday, Daniel and I planned on dropping off the Miata. Knowing that Dave’s Garage is closed on weekends, Daniel would just park the car in the lot, lock the doors, and slip the key through the mail slot. I’d pick him up in the chasing WRX.

Turning into Dave’s driveway off Harvester Rd the parking lot was rammed. Somewhere between 50 to 100 Miatas (from original first-gen NAs to late model NDs) took up every parking spot. R-Theory Motorsports was having a customer appreciation BBQ at Dave’s!

After spending so many years in the Subaru enthusiast community, it was really interesting to check out a new car scene.

The people were diverse. There were older generation drivers with British Racing Green NA Miatas sporting elegant tan leather interiors and wooden Nardi steering wheels. There were young tuners adding turbochargers and showing off Honda engine swaps. There were even lunatics who’d stuffed Corvette V8s under the hood of their Miatas (talking about you, Dave!).

The common theme was pride of ownership. Sure, the ultra-rare Mazdaspeed MX-5 with it’s factory-turbocharged four banger drew a lot of attention with its nail-polish red paint. But even cars that were works in progress drew crowds of interested onlookers.

After handing off the car keys to master mechanic Erin, Daniel and I departed for Hamilton, where the USHRA Monster Trucks were putting on their first Canadian show in two years. We fired up the Bugeye WRX, that I’d parked in the corner of the lot, away from the Mazdas. As we cruised through parking lot, We even heard a “Whoa…cool!” from one motorhead as we drove past. No side eye about brand loyalty. Just some cool car guys.

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