~ by Chris ‘#16’ Demaras ~

If the Mazda Miata is at one end of the automotive spectrum (small, lightweight, relatively low power) then monster trucks are at the extreme opposite end of that same spectrum. So, of course, leaving a Miata car show, the monster truck rally is the next logical stop on a Sunday afternoon.

At 10,000 lbs and 1,500 HP, these beasts are engineering masterpieces cloaked in cartoonish fiberglass bodies. The suspension is incredible. No coil springs, just nitrogen-charged shocks that set ride height, and dampen the landings from 20′ high jumps. I’ve always wanted to drive one!

In the old days, crowds were wowed by car crushing. Now, Monster Jam shows are more like stunt driving demonstrations with drivers balancing their vehicles on the front wheels while driving backwards up a ramp. If the facility is big enough, drivers can impress the crowd with ‘big-air’ jumps. But we’re at a 15,000 seat hockey rink. A ‘big-air’ jump would land a truck in the parking lot!

This show is more of what you would call controlled chaos.

I don’t think we have missed a Monster Jam show in Southern Ontario since Daniel was a little kid. Back then, we’d cheer for our favourites. Now, as guys who spend most weekends at a race track, we are amazed at the ability of these drivers.

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