Seat time is such an important factor in driver development. Proper technique is the foundation, of course. Consistency is key. Racecraft is critical. But there is no substitute for time spent behind the wheel, on track.

Dave’s Garage in Burlington is a Miata specialist. They service everything from first generation Mazda Miatas, right up to factory race cars like the Mazda MX-5 Cup Cars.

There are many rides available in LDRC racing series. But for practice, Demaras Racing will need a track car. That’s what the doggie is guarding.

A second-generation, 1999 Marda Miata MX-5, this British racing green beauty is both street legal, and ready for the track. It’s equipped with a ‘half cage’ roll bar for added safety and torsional rigidity. It’s got coilover suspension, and grippy tires on 9″ wide wheels (factory wheels were only 6″ wide).

The Miata is the most raced car in North America, and for good reasons! They’re affordable to purchase and maintain. The power output (142 HP) of the naturally-aspirated, 1.8L four-cylinder engine keeps speeds low. This allows drivers to develop skills to maintain momentum, safe passing and racing in packs. All these skills are transferable to Formula 1200 and sports car endurance racing like LDRC.

Discussions are ongoing with Dave as to whether the car can be readied for the first test / lapping day at CTMP in mid April.

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